Sponsorship Opportunity Available

Would your business be interested in owning the identity of AeroSuperBatics, the World’s only formation wingwalking team?
Our sponsorship proposal lends the opportunity for both businesses to work together to help raise the profile of your brand.

Benefits can include:

  • Re-brand our aircrafts, professional wingwalkers and pilots as well as online social media channels and websites.
  • Live performances to audiences in excess of 6 million throughout the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.
  • Use of our private airfield to host VIP Aviation Corporate Days, aviation activities (including wingwalking), gourmet lunches and private aerobatic display performances by our professionals.

For more details please contact Vic Norman at AeroSuperBatics on 01285 831774.

Learn about our partnership with AeroShell here

Sponsorship History

In our 35 year history, we have worked with many high profile brands. The following have been successful headline wingwalking team sponsors – view our gallery.