Aeroshell and AeroSuperBatics

Aerosuperbatics Formation Wingwalking Team exclusively uses and highly recommends Aeroshell products.

We operate a number of Boeing Stearman aircraft in two distinct roles. All aircraft are used in the air display role. Two of our aircraft are also used to fly members of the public on experience days. Our aircraft and engines operate at all corners of the performance regime, using high, medium and low power, they are in use for short periods of time for air displays and public flights, longer periods of time for the duration of transit flights.

Aeroshell Engine Oil

 High performance engine oil is extremely important to us, we need the absolute best in high quality oil. Which is why we choose to use Aeroshell.

We require engine oil to go the distance between oil changes without us having to worry about it, it needs to be able to operate reliably at high or low temperatures and to maintain its oil pressure under all conditions.

The quality of Aeroshell engine oil is borne out when we dismantle our engines for overhaul, even after operating for a number of years and well over 1000 operating hours the internals of the engines are clean, no sludge and zero corrosion, exactly what we want to see. This in turn makes our life easier as we know that the oil has done its job, the internal cleanliness means we don’t have to spend hours scraping residue off surfaces or check for hidden damage as we can clearly see the components.

Aeroshell Smoke Oil

 For years the air display industry used diesel fuel oil to create smoke trails in the sky, injecting it directly into aircraft exhaust systems. This was a wholly unsatisfactory way of operating. Aeroshell developed Aeroshell Smoke oil, this has revolutionised the way we operate. It is clean, odourless and completely non toxic. During a typical air display we can use up to 30 litres of smoke oil per aircraft. We are safe in the knowledge that it is not causing any damage to the environment, our aircraft crews or the aircraft itself. It is easily stored and transported, which makes our lives a whole lot easier.

Aeroshell are oils in which we can place our blind trust, without question.