Our Pilots


Flying Experience: over 4100 hours
Displays Flown: 1500

Vic is the founder and CEO of AeroSuperBatics and has been flying since the age of 17.

He started display flying for a living in 1982, initially in a high performance Zlin 50 aircraft.

In 1987, he started the wingwalking display team, which has, over the years, been sponsored by Yugo Cars, Cadbury’s, Utterly Butterly, Guinot and Breitling.

Vic is one of the country’s most experienced display pilots with over 1500 displays under his belt.

He is a Display Authorisation Evaluator for the CAA, as well as an Honorary Air Commodore for 614 Squadron, an Ambassador for the Royal Air Force Association and a member of the Royal Air Squadron.

He is passionate about AeroSuperBatics and the Team and his motto is: “Never Stop Improving”.


Flying Experience: 4750 hours
Displays Flown: 1300

With many thousands of hours flying Stearman aircraft, David leads the formation display. He really enjoys the challenge of flying a precise routine with the Professional Wingwalker performing gymnastics on the wing.

He initially studied Engineering at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge.

He gained his Pilots Licence over 30 years ago at Marshall’s Aerospace.

David flew skydiving aeroplanes for a local club and at the same time gained display experience flying his own two aircraft, a 1943 Stearman and a 1980’s Yak 52.

David was selected to join the Team in 2006 and has been flying for Aerosuperbatics ever since. He is a full time member of the Team, jointly heading up the engineering team when he’s not flying.

Presently David has over 1300 air displays under his belt, he has flown over 6000 members of the public and many celebrities on the wing. This makes him one of the most experienced wingwalking pilots in the world, an enviable title which is held by his CEO Vic Norman.

David has flown at airshows all over the world, as far afield as China, Australia, India, Philippines, Japan, Kuwait, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates.

He is a member of the prestigious Royal Aeronautical Society and, as a highly experienced display pilot, he has been appointed by the CAA as a Display Authorisation Evaluator. Alongside this appointment David is a mentor for newer Display Pilots.


Flying Experience: over 13450 hours
Displays Flown: 160

From a very young age, Brian had a passion for all things aeronautical – he started gliding at the age of 14 and flew first solo in an aeroplane at age 16. He qualified as an aeronautical engineer and for 6 years built helicopters and jet engines, but longing to fly he joined the RAF and has now amassed more than 13,450 hours in the air, flying everything from the most rudimentary glider to the most sophisticated executive business jets.

Brian flew in the RAF for 23 years and was very lucky to fly a multitude of military aircraft spanning single seat fast jets as a fast jet instructor to multi engine transport aircraft.

Brian gained his Display Authorisation in 1990, subsequently he competed in the British aerobatic championships for many years, flying his home built aerobatic aircraft. He considers competition aerobatics to have taught him a great deal about flying.  It requires a very high degree of flying precision and discipline. Although Brian has been flying for over 40 years, he still considers it a great privilege and loves being in the air. He especially loves flying open cockpit biplanes and passing on the joy, thrill and nostalgia of flying to all his passengers.


Flying Experience: 5350 hours
Displays Flown: 1200

Having learnt to fly at Biggin Hill, Kent, Mike joined the famous Tiger Club in Surrey where he flew many vintage types of aircraft and became a member of the club Turbulent Formation Team.

In 1986 he turned professional on joining The Skyhawks Aerobatic team flying a Fournier RF4 in a formation team at air shows, touring Europe and as far afield as Chile. 1991 saw him join AeroSuperBatics where he started flying Wingwalkers, remaining for the next 16 years. He and Vic were one of the first teams to visit and display in China.

Mike is a Display Authorisation Evaluator for the CAA. He really enjoys sharing his love of flying with members of the public and having the opportunity to meet some wonderful, enthusiastic individuals excited by pushing their own boundaries.


Flying Experience: over 17700 hours
Displays Flown: over 300

Steve began flying when he was 15 flying, solo at 16 in gliders and 17 in powered aircraft, it was a natural progression to join the RAF as a fighter pilot, where he was lucky enough to fly the Lightning, Phantom, Tucano and Hawk; Steve finished his career as a flying, weapons instructor and CFS Examiner.

During his time in the RAF and indeed afterwards as a hobby he flew historic and aerobatic aircraft at air displays throughout the UK and Europe in such iconic aircraft as the Spitfire, Mustang, Corsair, Sea Fury, Pitts Special and Extra 300.

After the RAF, Steve joined Virgin Atlantic where he flew the Jumbo and Airbus before finishing his 21 years as a training Captain on the Dreamliner. While working for Virgin, Steve and his wife Anna built a small aircraft which he flew alone to Cape Town and back and claimed the world records for the fastest time outbound and for the round trip, these records had stood for over 70 years

“Nouj” is now a freelance corporate and glider pilot. He has been awarded the Britannia trophy for the most meritorious flight by a UK pilot in a given year, he also holds the Masters Medal from the Honourable Company of pilots and a Queens Commendation for Valuable Services in the Air.