Professional wingwalker since 2018

Kirsten adores displaying with her fellow wingwalkers in the air; performing handstands, climbing around the aircraft and zooming across the globe in a whirlwind of vintage glamour.

Kirsten’s background specialising in trapeze and aerial circus helps her when on the wing doing handstands and spinning in the rig. When not climbing around vintage aircraft, you can find her teaching aerial circus, cooking, practicing yoga, and focusing on her artwork. She is an adrenaline junkie and loves doing aerobatics standing on top of the aircraft – much preferring being on the outside as opposed to sat in the cockpit!

She feels privileged to have had so many wonderful adventures with the team, and considers herself a ‘collector’ of unique views; her most memorable being Loop-the-Loops over the Gobi Desert at sunset! The romantic feel of soaring through the skies is unbeatable, especially when the air is warm and you can wear a T-shirt! Kirsten can’t wait to see even more of the world upside down in such an exhilarating manner.