Flying Experience: 4000 hours
Displays Flown: 900

With many thousands of hours flying Stearman aircraft, David leads the formation display. He really enjoys the challenge of flying a precise routine with Kirsten, Professional Wingwalker, dancing on the wing.

He initially studied Engineering at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge.

He gained his Pilots Licence over 30 years ago at Marshall’s Aerospace.

David flew skydiving aeroplanes for a local club and at the same time gained display experience flying his own two aircraft, a 1943 Stearman and a 1980’s Yak 52.

David was selected to join the Team in 2006 and has been flying for Aerosuperbatics ever since. He is a full time member of the Team, jointly heading up the engineering team when he’s not flying.

Presently David has over 1000 air displays under his belt, he has flown over 6000 members of the public and many celebrities on the wing. This makes him one of the most experienced wingwalking pilots in the world, an enviable title which is held by his CEO Vic Norman.

David has flown at airshows all over the world, as far afield as China, Australia, India, Philippines, Kuwait, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates.