Flying Experience: over 13450 hours
Displays Flown: 10

From a very young age, Brian had a passion for all things aeronautical – he started gliding at the age of 14 and flew first solo in an aeroplane at age 16. He qualified as an aeronautical engineer and for 6 years built helicopters and jet engines, but longing to fly he joined the RAF and has now amassed more than 13,450 hours in the air, flying everything from the most rudimentary glider to the most sophisticated executive business jets.

Brian flew in the RAF for 23 years and was very lucky to fly a multitude of military aircraft spanning single seat fast jets as a fast jet instructor to multi engine transport aircraft.

Brian competed in the British aerobatic championships for many years, flying his home built aerobatic aircraft. He considers competition aerobatics to have taught him a great deal about flying.  It requires a very high degree of flying precision and discipline. Although Brian has been flying for over 40 years, he still considers it a great privilege and loves being in the air. He especially loves flying open cockpit biplanes and passing on the joy, thrill and nostalgia of flying to all his passengers.