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Flying Experience: over 16000 hours
Displays Flown: over 520

Andy Cubin joined AeroSuperBatics in early 2017, already a seasoned display pilot.

During his 20 – year Royal Air Force career, he display the Jaguar GR1a for 3 years between 1994 and 1996 before joining the Red Arrows as Red 5 and spending his second and third Team years as a member of the Synchro Pair.

After leaving the RAF, Andy decided to join the airlines but kept up airshow flying on various types including the Hunter, Gnat, Jet Provost, Extra 300 and now the Boeing Stearman.

He has performed at over 520 public air displays and is delighted to be flying as Number 2 in the AeroSuperBatics Display Team.

Andy has been flying for 44 years and has amassed a total of 16000 flying hours.