Thank you so much for your participation in our wedding day. You guys and girls were absolutely superb. Not even that untimely rain shower could dampen everyone’s joy and amazement at seeing you perform.   My 8 year old daughter had guessed my surprise may have an aviation theme but even she wasn’t expecting what she saw! But for all our other guests it remained a complete surprise.   No doubt we will see you at an air show some time in the future and it would be great to maybe thank you in person but for now thanks so much again.  Simon & Nina (Mr & Mrs Romanowski) – Wedding 2021

I’d just like to say how much I thoroughly enjoyed the display today and yesterday.
 The two female wing walkers made it look effortless (no doubt it wasn’t). Those pilots with their intricate routines really made me draw breath on more than one occasion.
Thank you very much indeed boys and girls for making my weekend absolute!
N. Burroughs

The aerosuperbatics team give a breathtaking and stunning performance each and every time I watch them. Combining the agility of a bird with the grace of a swan, they take you on an adventure in the air, the height of beauty up in the skies. I look forward to seeing them every year.
Anna, age 10, Bournemouth Airshow

Thank you for above all else your great display you’ve performed during the Bournemouth Air Festival!
Nblimaphotograohy – Bournemouth Air Festival 2018

I love your air displays girls – really cool!
Matthewleaberry – Bournemouth Air Festival 2018