Covid-19 Update – 24th February 2021

Although our office remains open for wing walking experience bookings, voucher purchases and inquiries are airfield is currently closed for flying over the winter months.

Government guideline announced on 22nd February 2021 confirm that we are able to commence wingwalking flights with effect from the 12th April 2021.

The validity of our wingwalking experience vouchers is 12 months. However, should COVID 19 Government Guidelines change from those issued on 22nd February, vouchers will be extended accordingly.

For your information and a guide to our rules come up please see below COVID 19 rules and regulations here at our private airfield.



 The Government of the United Kingdom has indicated that, with effect from the 12th of April 2021, outdoor hospitality will re-commence allowing us at AeroSuperBatics to begin wingwalk experience flights for the general public.  We are currently awaiting official approval from the Civil Aviation Authority, which should be shortly forthcoming. Meanwhile,  our method of operation is detailed below.

From the 12th April 2021 until the 17th May 2021, each flying guest is limited to themselves and a maximum of five other persons. Social distancing must be maintained within the Flyers group and other groups. All activities that take place indoors will require all staff and guests to be masked.

The layout at AeroSuperBatics will be arranged such that groups are geographically separated outdoors at all times.

  1. All guests will be temperature checked and required to sanitise on arrival with hand sanitizer offered by ASB.
  2. Guests will be directed to a separate viewing area where they must remain until they depart, uness toilet facilities are required (see below).
  3. The flying guest will be separated from the group and asked to sign the ASB declaration form which has been modified to reflect the C19 measures.
  4. The form will include the facility for flying guests to tick that they are NOTsuffering from: persistent cough, loss of taste or smell, fatigue, fever temperature above 37.5°C or shortness of breath.
  5. In the event that any temperature reading is above 37.5°C, the flight will be cancelled, and the entire group will be asked to leave the airfield and isolate in accordance with any government guidelines in place at the time.

Kitchen facilities are not available. Water machines are operational, but staff and guests are required to use the hand sanitizer before and after use. Food consumption can only take place outside on tables provided, separate from other groups, and all packaging and rubbish must be removed by the group. Please bring hot beverages with you if required.

Toilet facilities are available provided that social distancing is followed, i.e. no more than one person in the building en- route to and from the toilet facilities at any one time. The clubhouse is otherwise closed during these restrictions.

The safety video can be watched by the individual flying guests only.

Flying guests are asked to wear their own suitable clothing for their flight, which will need a zip-able pocket, including gloves. Hoods are not recommended. Only flying goggles and ear plugs will be supplied by ASB.

For the wingwalk flight itself, the following protocols will be followed:

  1. The guest and staff member, both wearing masks and gloves, will approach the aircraft in the normal manner and climb up in accordance with existing procedures.
  2. When the guest is strapped on, the staff member will climb down and position to maintain eye contact with the guest. The guest will then remove their mask and secure it in a pocket.
  3. The wingwalk flight takes place in the normal manner.
  4. After landing, the flying guest is asked to retrieve their mask and put it on. In the event that their mask is lost, a spare will be available and passed up by extending pole. Our staff member will then climb up and assist with the unstrapped and climbed down process.
  5. A safety bag will be available to collect tissues and ear plugs used by the guest. Flying goggles should be placed in a separate container.
  6. The guest’s Flight Certificate will be available to pick up as they and their group leave the airfield.
  7. Photography can take place between flying guests in their group , but ASB staff cannot participate in any photography.

AeroSuperBatics hope you understand that the above procedures are in place to protect the wingwalker, their guests and our staff in line with the government guidelines present at the time. We will update our protocols as and when necessary in accordance with the guidelines issued by the government.

Please take care and stay safe.

Yours sincerely

Andy Cubin
Chief Pilot